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Tracy Yamato (RA) CRSTracy Yamato is a dedicated full-time Realtor with vast market knowledge and expertise gleaned from over 25 years of experience in Hawaii real estate, specifically Oahu’s real estate market, with an emphasis on urban Honolulu. In addition to having an intense knowledge of Oahu’s condominium and single-family markets, Tracy has been actively involved in new project development including developer consultation, sales, and sales management as well are representing buyers of new developments on Oahu over the past two+ decades.

He most recently served as the Sales Manager for Keola La’i, a new 352 unit condominium in Kaka’ako (2008). He also was a member of the Sales Teams for One Archer Lane (1998), Lanikea at Waikiki (2005), Moana Pacific (2007) and The Cove Waikiki (2014).

Tracy’s extensive experience and dedication to the real estate profession works in your favor! Whether you are an experienced home seller or buyer, or this is your first time doing so, let Tracy use his knowledge to help you and your family realize its specific real estate… and in-turn “life-goals.”

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About Tracy Yamato

As a Baby Boomer, with a family of my own, and an aging Senior parent of over 90-years old, I can personally relate to the wants, needs and desires of my generation, my parent’s generation, and even my children’s generation, whether they be X or Y’ers or even Millenials.

I was born on the North Shore of Long Island, New York in the town of Manhasset, a suburb of New York City… the year, 1958. Although my father was born and raised in Hawaii and my mother in California, they both met and had my 2 sisters and myself after they had settled in New York City and then Long Island after WWII. During the war my father served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the famed 442nd Regimental Combat Team in Italy and France. My mother was put in the Japanese American Internment Camps with her family, was “released” after the war, and migrated East with her girlfriends and ended up in Manhattan.

Growing-up on shores of Long Island, N.Y. from 1958–1968 was a wonderful experience. There I gained my skill of interacting with all types of people (being a minority in our community) and a love of nature… especially the ocean along Manhasset Bay and also the South Shore of Long Island at Jones Beach and other beaches along the coast. Yet I was also exposed to the hustle and bustle of New York City, as that is where my dad commuted to for work. However, after 20-years in New York, my dad wanted to move back “home” to Hawaii. As the saying goes, “You can take the boy out of Hawaii, but you can never take Hawaii out of the boy”… Only now do I understand this saying. So in 1968, we packed our bags, and moved here to beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii and I am sure glad we did!

Hawaii is Home

Upon arriving in Honolulu in the Summer of ’68, my cousins immediately took me bodysurfing in Waikiki and I was hooked! What better thing to do if you live in Hawaii, The Birth-Place of Surfing! I progressed quickly to bodyboarding (called paipo boarding in Hawaiian) and ultimately to prone paddle surfing and only recently stand-up paddle surfing (SUPing)… all the current rage with the Baby Boomer crowd like me! I had also branched-out further into SCUBA diving, sailing and fishing during this time… another words…anything to do with our warm blue Hawaiian waters! I also spent 2 ½ years sailing across the Pacific in the late 70’s & early 80’s on a 58’ ketch. We sailed from New Zealand to the Cook Islands, Marqueses, Tahiti, back to Hawaii, within the Hawaiian Islands, Marshall Islands, Truk Islands, Guam and back to Hawaii via a great circle route… something I will never forget!

Hawaii Real Estate

I got into real estate sales unknowingly via osmosis as my mother was a Realtor for over 40 years, and I saw her working 7-days a week while growing-up…thinking that I would never do that for a living. However, I got morphed into a Realtor gradually through my work experiences, first as a busboy, then waiter, which helped to develop my “people skills.” Eventually I ended-up in the retail surf industry, helping to open-up, manage and buy for retail surf stores for one of the largest Hawaii-based surf companies, in all of the major shopping malls on Oahu (Ala Moana Shopping Center, Kahala Mall and Windward Mall).

From there, I entered real estate sales over twenty-five years ago as a neophyte Realtor, but with the background, people skills and knowledge gleaned from all of my life and work experiences.

In the first few years of my real estate career I was fortunate to become a Sales Team Member for my first new condo project, One Archer Lane (1995-2001). Subsequently I also became Sales Team Members for Lanikea at Waikiki (2003-2005), Moana Pacific (2005-2007), and the Cove Waikiki (2013-2015). I also was the Project Manager in-charge of the sales for Keola La’i (2005-2008).

Through these extensive work experiences I have gained an intimate knowledge of the “nuts and bolts” of new condo development, from initial conception, to the sales of the last residences, and everything in-between. I also have personal experiences owning and selling many of these new condos, which has provided me with first-hand insight as a buyer, owner & investor who can identify with your real estate needs and goals.

I use all of these experiences to my client’s benefit to make them intimately aware of the “pluses” and possible “pit-falls” of high-rise condos, townhomes, single-family homes, vacant land, or any other properties that they are considering to either buy and/or sell.

In Summary

Having lived and grown-up in Hawaii since 1968, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the island’s people & culture, as well as the unique characteristics of neighborhoods we live-in. I understand and adhere to ethical and progressive business practices and have developed a strong Realtor network which helps me to consistently exceed my client’s expectations, all while achieving their real estate goals. This combined with my 25+ years of dedicated full-time real estate experience assures you of a professional, knowledgeable and pleasant Hawaii real estate endeavor.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced home buyer or seller, give me call at 808-372-2274 or e-mail me at I would be honored to help you realize your Hawaii real estate and “life” goals!

Tracy Yamato (RA) CRS

One Archer Lane
Jim & Liane H

5/5 Stars

Tracy just helped us closed a purchase. He is responsive, knowledgeable and resourceful! He helped our shopping process as enjoyable as possible which was very important for us as our time spent on the island is always very compressed. He was instrumental in optimizing our best option given our budget by giving us good insights and suggestions. He is always very thorough and to the point to all the questions and concerns that were raised throughout the process. I would highly recommend Tracy as realtor for anyone who is looking for someone dependable and can do the job!
Keola La'i 3109 Living Area
Ken T

5/5 Stars

He is a professional realtor. We try to sell this property a year ago but not success however we try again with Tracy and we closed in 2 months. He has experience and lots of information.
3425 Pakui Street, Honolulu
Joshua J

5/5 Stars

Tracy gets it done! My wife and I just bought our first home and we COULDN'T BE HAPPIER with the outcome. We were complete "newbies" to the real estate game, and Tracy put in the effort to go the EXTRA MILE for us from the get go. He makes himself AVAILABLE LITERALLY ANY TIME and responds to inquiries typically within 15min, even when he is on the road. From the moment we started working with him, Tracy hooked us into his real estate website and began daily (if not more frequent) UPDATES with changes in the market. He will BEND OVER BACKWARDS to get clients out to see properties as quickly as possible, and has an extensive NETWORK with other agents, which makes facilitating negotiations a breeze. We ended up getting our place for 50k LESS than what we had originally bid. Tracy has been doing this for a long time on Oahu and it shows in his ATTENTION TO DETAIL and SPEED with which he gets things done. I would definitely work with Tracy again, should we ever decide to leave!
One Archer Lane #3504
Jim B

5/5 Stars

Tracy is the absolute BEST realtor we have ever worked with! He walked us through every step of the process and maximized our potential for sale by staging our property beyond our expectations! By the time the property went on the market, we accepted an offer HIGHER than the asking price within the first week, setting a new high-price record for condos in the entire 19 year history of our building!!! If you're thinking of selling, Tracy is definitely the only call you need to make. He'll take it from there and you'll know he will get you top dollar!

Meet Tracy Yamato (RA) Certified Residential Specialist

Hawaii Real Estate Knowledge & Expertise

Tracy Yamato is a dedicated full-time Realtor with vast market knowledge and expertise gleaned from over 25 years of experience in Hawaii real estate, specifically Oahu’s real estate market, with an emphasis on urban Honolulu.

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Tracy Yamato (RA) CRSTracy is a dedicated full-time Realtor with over 25-years of experience in Hawaii real estate, specializing in new condominium developments in Honolulu. Tracy will look after after YOUR BEST INTERESTS.

He most recently served as the Sales Manager for Keola La’i, a new 352 unit condominium in Kaka’ako (2008). He also was a member of the Sales Teams for One Archer Lane (1998), Lanikea at Waikiki (2005), Moana Pacific (2007) and The Cove Waikiki (2014).

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