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1-Bedrooms, 2-Bedrooms (Total 331)


Ocean, City, Mountain


Hot-Water, Water, Sewer & Cable TV


VA, FHA, or Conventional


Yes, 2 dogs or cats up to 30 lbs each


Myers King St Partners, Nissho Iwai
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(Information & Materials Courtesy of the Developer Myers King St Partners, Nissho Iwai)

One Archer Lane Overview

Unbeknownst to most, One Archer Lane was originally conceived as the Reserved Housing component, to be named King Street Place, for the very first iteration of the luxury condominium Symphony Park. Symphony Park was to be developed in the mid-90’s by the Myers Corporation. But wisely, Jack Myers, the developer of One Archer Lane, decided not to proceed with the sales and building of the original Symphony Park during a decade long “bad” economy in Hawaii (1991-2001). Instead he decided to upgrade King Street Place with designer Studio Becker kitchens and baths, central a/c, double-paned windows, upgraded finishes in the common areas and more…. Voila, King Street Place became One Archer Lane!

That is the reason for the “smaller” sizes of the residences than your typical condo in Honolulu. Either 782 or 791 sq. ft. for the 2-bedrooms and 585 sq. ft. for the 1-bedrooms. There are 3 main floor-plans in the building, two 2-bedroom floor-plans A & C, and one 1-bedroom floor-plan B. The typical floor consists of four 1-bedrooms, facing either Diamond Head (East) or Ewa (West), and six 2-bedrooms, facing either Makai (ocean) or Mauka (mountain), the exception being the 9th floor which has the recreation/party room in place of a 2-bedroom residence. The 1-bedroom floor-plan B and the 2-bedroom floor-plan A, both come with functional lanais/balconies of 86 & 41 sq. ft. respectively. The 2-bedroom floor-plan C has no lanai/balcony, but in it’s place is a large operable Bay window in the living area.

Features built into One Archer Lane, not always known about or noticed by the general public, but which are of extreme benefit to the owners and residents are: 1) Central hot-water system for “instant” hot-water and no water-heater taking-up space within the residences, 2) Energy efficient central a/c where some of the waste heat generated by the a/c system is captured and used to help heat the central hot-water in the building, thus reducing the cost to individual owners for their electricity bills, 3) Double-paned low “E” glass, a 1st for Honolulu in 1998, helps to seal out noise and keep the cool air in and the hot air outside, for quiet comfortable cost effective living, and 4) The commercial space on the first 3 floors, fronting S. King St, are owned and occupied by the Honolulu ABC affiliate, KITV, who is the largest owner in the building. The benefit of this to the residential owners of One Archer Lane is that KITV pays the largest maintenance fees into the association’s kitty, which in-turn, helps to “subsidize” the residential owners fees.

Amenities include a heated pool, whirlpool, gas BBQs, sundeck and party/recreation room. It is ideally located between Ala Moana and Downtown Honolulu w/nearby parks, entertainment options, shopping and a short drive to the beach.

One Archer Lane is one of the most well-managed condominiums in Honolulu, with excellent reserves, high owner-occupancy, and reasonable maintenance fees, it is considered a highly-desirable newer condo in town at an attractive price point. Ideal for someone who wants a “newer” contemporary condo in Honolulu now, but not at the brand-new condo prices!

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Proven Record of Success

I have been associated with all aspects of One Archer Lane from being a member of the original developer Sales Team (1995-2001), an original Owner (1998-2009), subsequent Investor (2001-2009), property manager (2001- present) as well as an original member of the Board of Directors (1998-2009).

I also have a proven record as the #1 Realtor for re-sales at One Archer Lane since the building opened in March of 1998 to the present.

If you or someone you know is thinking of buying and/or selling in One Archer Lane, please call me at 808-372-2274 or email me today.

Tracy’s Past Sales – Buyers

BuyCondo$635,000One Archer Lane3304Kakaako
BuyCondo$630,000One Archer Lane3702Kakaako
BuyCondo$471,000One Archer Lane3906Kakaako
BuyCondo$545,000One Archer Lane3202Kakaako
BuyCondo$425,000One Archer Lane2810Kakaako
BuyCondo$385,000One Archer Lane905Kakaako
BuyCondo$442,500One Archer Lane3705Kakaako
BuyCondo$465,000One Archer LanePH10Kakaako
BuyCondo$415,000One Archer Lane2506Kakaako
BuyCondo$414,000One Archer Lane2304Kakaako
BuyCondo$298,000One Archer Lane3501Kakaako
BuyCondo$370,000One Archer Lane2607Kakaako
BuyCondo$270,000One Archer Lane2701Kakaako
BuyCondo$350,000One Archer Lane2004Kakaako
BuyCondo$379,000One Archer Lane3703Kakaako
BuyCondo$319,000One Archer Lane2108Kakaako
BuyCondo$309,000One Archer Lane1109Kakaako
BuyCondo$363,000One Archer Lane3909Kakaako
BuyCondo$228,000One Archer Lane1901Kakaako
BuyCondo$360,000One Archer Lane3903Kakaako

Tracy’s Past Sales – Sellers

SellCondo$685,000One Archer Lane3103Kakaako
SellCondo$535,000One Archer Lane1209Kakaako
SellCondo$665,000One Archer Lane3504Kakaako
SellCondo$473,000One Archer Lane2706Kakaako
SellCondo$634,000One Archer Lane3702Kakaako
SellCondo$460,000One Archer Lane1105Kakaako
SellCondo$624,500One Archer Lane2004Kakaako
SellCondo$580,000One Archer Lane1707Kakaako
SellCondo$620,000One Archer Lane3804Kakaako
SellCondo$614,500One Archer Lane3202Kakaako
SellCondo$465,000One Archer Lane3105Kakaako
SellCondo$449,000One Archer Lane1201Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$460,000One Archer Lane2406Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$439,000One Archer Lane2905Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$470,000One Archer Lane3510Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$490,000One Archer Lane1704Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$485,000One Archer Lane4108Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$454,000One Archer Lane2908Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$540,000One Archer Lane3802Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$500,000One Archer Lane4007Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$529,000One Archer Lane3604Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$437,000One Archer Lane1103Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$405,000One Archer Lane2901Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$420,000One Archer Lane3705Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$559,000One Archer Lane3802Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$425,000One Archer Lane2810Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$420,000One Archer Lane2101Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$529,000One Archer Lane3709Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$452,500One Archer Lane3710Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$454,000One Archer Lane4010Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$400,000One Archer Lane1506Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$519,000One Archer Lane1402Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$465,000One Archer LanePH10Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$415,000One Archer Lane2506Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$387,000One Archer Lane1810Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$465,000One Archer Lane1107Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$459,000One Archer Lane3901Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$580,000One Archer Lane3803Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$445,000One Archer Lane3705Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$565,000One Archer Lane3207Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$399,000One Archer Lane1801Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$585,000One Archer Lane3903Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$479,000One Archer Lane2709Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$515,000One Archer Lane2604Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$379,000One Archer LanePH01Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$430,000One Archer Lane2607Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$365,000One Archer Lane2701Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$430,000One Archer Lane2707Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$310,000One Archer Lane2010Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$440,000One Archer Lane1802Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$414,000One Archer Lane2304Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$285,000One Archer Lane1905Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$395,000One Archer Lane3309Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$298,000One Archer Lane3501Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$370,000One Archer Lane2607Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$275,000One Archer Lane1901Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$365,000One Archer Lane3007Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$317,000One Archer Lane1703Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$254,000One Archer Lane3601Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$319,000One Archer Lane2108Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$357,000One Archer Lane2404Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$365,000One Archer Lane4009Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$345,000One Archer Lane3207Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$330,000One Archer Lane2603Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$379,000One Archer Lane4103Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$255,000One Archer Lane3210Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$383,000One Archer LanePH02Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$224,000One Archer Lane907Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$380,000One Archer Lane3903Kapio/Kinau/Ward
SellCondo$360,000One Archer Lane3903Kapio/Kinau/Ward

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He most recently served as the Sales Manager for Keola La’i, a new 352 unit condominium in Kaka’ako (2008). He also was a member of the Sales Teams for One Archer Lane (1998), Lanikea at Waikiki (2005), Moana Pacific (2007) and The Cove Waikiki (2014).

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He most recently served as the Sales Manager for Keola La’i, a new 352 unit condominium in Kaka’ako (2008). He also was a member of the Sales Teams for One Archer Lane (1998), Lanikea at Waikiki (2005), Moana Pacific (2007) and The Cove Waikiki (2014).

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