Why Work With a Certified Residential Specialist?

A CRS REALTOR® is a Certified Residential Specialist—one of the top 3 percent of real estate agents in the U.S. CRS agents have more experience and training than the average REALTOR®

Tracy Yamato (RA) Certified Residential Specialist
What is a CRS?
A CRS REALTOR® is a Certified Residential Specialist—one of the top 3 percent of real estate agents in the U.S. CRS agents have more experience and training than the average REALTOR® and they are part of a community of REALTORS® dedicated to improving the real estate industry for homebuyers and sellers everywhere.
Why Work With a Certified Residential Specialist Agent?
Buying or selling your home is one of the biggest and most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. You need someone you can trust by your side, who is looking out for your best interests and is willing to put all their knowledge and experience to work for you. You need a CRS.
Not all real estate agents are made the same: There are millions of real estate agents out there, and their experience and dedication to their profession and clients varies widely.
The threshold to becoming a real estate agent is surprisingly low. Requirements vary by state, but some ask for as little as 40 hours of training and few ask for more than 100 hours—compare that to the 1,000 hours that are typically required to become a hair stylist.
To become a CRS, however, REALTORS® must meet a number of stringent requirements that combine advanced hours of education and training, experience and success in the marketplace. A CRS agent adheres to a strict code of ethics that binds them to perform in the best interest of their clients at all times.
CRSs are required to have between 25 and 150 transactions and between 16 and 80 additional hours of education beyond what’s required of the typical REALTOR®.
These are agents who are invested in their careers, in buying and selling real estate and in making sure their clients are satisfied. CRS is the sign of a true real estate professional.
Don’t work with the rest, choose the best. Choose a CRS.
The Benefits of Working with a CRS Agent

  • CRSs receive advanced training above and beyond what is required of typical agents
  • CRSs have proven experience through logged transactions
  • CRSs continuously improve their skills and learn about new regulatory developments
  • CRSs adhere to an ethics code not required of other agents

As a Certified Residential Specialist, Tracy Yamato (RA) is uniquely positioned to help Honolulu homebuyers and sellers realize their real estate goals. Contact Tracy today to get started!

Professional Photos & Staging Transformed These Homes

There are two simple rules to follow to assure a quick sale: price it well, and make it look amazing.

No matter what is happening in the Oahu real estate market, when you want to sell your home, there are two simple rules to follow to assure a quick sale: price it well, and make it look amazing. Whatever the asking price, its appearance needs to be flawless.

Remember: The valuation of any property type, whether condo, single-family home, vacant land, apartment, or commercial property can vary depending on location, neighborhood, size, condition, age, features, amenities, upgrades and much more. For specifics regarding your particular property, contact me for a personal, customized home valuation.

Home staging and professional photography are effective because they emphasize a property’s strengths and minimize its weak points. They allow your home to be shown at its maximum potential and attract the attention and admiration of prospective buyers.
So it’s no surprise that a 2007 survey of Accredited Staging Professionals by the company StagedHomes found that 94 percent of staged homes sold on average in one month or less and spent 80 percent less time on the market than those that were not staged.
When you list your home with Tracy, you can be assured that your home will be shown in the best light possible. Just take a look at some of the “Before and After” photos below to see previous examples of Tracy’s staged listings.
Slide the arrows below to see “Before and After” photos!

Living & Dining Rooms

Many homeowners know they should declutter, but staging a house involves much more than packing up and tossing extra “stuff”.
Staging is a production. The house is being staged to look like a model home: cozy, comfortable, colorful and inviting, with a personalized look to make it stand out from the rest of the other homes on the market.
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Staging isn’t just decorating. It’s choosing the right props, moving or getting rid of furniture that makes the space look smaller, and creating focal points in main living areas.
You should leave with a positive impression created by properly placed furniture, color-coordinated accessories, beautiful rich linens and table settings — everything evoking a cozy, inviting feeling.
[twenty20 img1=”1140″ img2=”1139″ width=”100%” offset=”0.5″]

[twenty20 img1=”1143″ img2=”1141″ width=”100%” offset=”0.5″]

[twenty20 img1=”1144″ img2=”1142″ width=”100%” offset=”0.5″]

Room to Grow

Staging a home takes it to the next level by making it look bigger, brighter, cleaner, and accentuating the positive aspects of the property. It’s all about creating a sense of possibility and potential, about creating an inviting space to inspire buyers, to generate a mood befitting the property.
[twenty20 img1=”1146″ img2=”1145″ width=”100%” offset=”0.5″]

[twenty20 img1=”1154″ img2=”1153″ width=”100%” offset=”0.5″]
When you list your home with Tracy, our team goes room by room, inside each closet and kitchen cabinet and yes, even underneath the kitchen sink, to make the house more attractive to the greatest number of buyers.
Ready to get started? Contact Tracy today for a personal home seller consultation!

Ke Kilohana: Everything You Need to Know

Howard Hughes is moving forward on the highly anticipated 988 Halekauwila, now to be renamed “Ke Kilohana”.

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Everything You Need to Know About 988 Halekauwila

Howard Hughes is moving forward on the highly anticipated 988 Halekauwila, now to be renamed “Ke Kilohana.”
The Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) gave its final approval in late July on The Howard Hughes Corporation’s Kakaako residential project at 988 Halekauwila Street. The Texas-based developer plans to start construction on the mostly affordable for-sale condominium tower across from the Ward Ave Sports Authority by late 2016, according to senior leadership at the company. Originally approved as a For-Sale development, the project was then proposed by the developer as a Rental project for fifteen years. However, the HCDA board struck down that request, requiring a period of thirty years as a Rental.  As a result of this requirement, The Howard Hughes Corporation decided to stay with its original plan for the building to be a For-Sale project.
Its original permit includes building a tower with 424 For-Sale units, which is made up of 375 “Below-Market” Reserved residences designated for those Buyers who are:

  1. At least 18-years of age
  2. U.S. Citizens (Green Card holders included)
  3. State of Hawaii Residents
  4. First-Time Buyers (or those who have not owned real estate for the last 3 years)
  5. Make no more than 140% of Honolulu’s Median Income per the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines for 2016 (yet to be released) for their household size

and 49 Market residences open for anyone to purchase at Current Market Prices w/no restrictions.
The Good News is that the  Ke Kilohana Reserved residences will also have units for those who  make no more than 100% and 120% (as well as 140%) of the Honolulu Median Income, making it potentially more “affordable” than many of the most recent Reserved Housing residences offered in other new condos in Kaka’ako.   There are other requirements to qualify for and specific procedures to purchase any of the “Below-Market” Reserved Housing residences.  For further details, or if you have any questions, please contact me below under Register Your Interest.

Ward Village

The project, which is being planned for the former site of the Kanpai Bar & Grill, Dixie Grill, and California Rock ‘N Sushi, is part of The Howard Hughes Corporation’s first phase of its 60-acre Ward Village master plan.
Under the current rules, Howard Hughes can’t move people into its Waiea and Anaha luxury condos, which are also part of phase one, until it puts financial assurance that it will build Ke Kilohana (988 Halekauwila), or starts construction on the project.

Register Your Interest

For more information, simply call me at 808-372-2274 or email me at tracyy@cbpacific.com.
Ke Kilohana
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